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Pig-Tailed Macaque
4-DAY (Package E)



DAY 1 

  • Your Driver will meet you at Medan KNO Airport for transport to Bukit Lawang.​

  • One night in Bukit Lawang.

DAY 2 

  • After breakfast, you and your Guide will head to the jungle for a 4-Day Jungle Trek. 

  • You will trek for approx. 6-8 hours, including breaks and lunch, arriving at camp in the late afternoon.  

  • One night at jungle camp. 

DAYs 3 &  4

  • After breakfast each morning you will continue on the second and third days of your Jungle Trek.

  • You will reach your camp in the late afternoon each day. (If you are returning by rafting you will trek to a different camp for  each night, if you are returning by walking you may use the same camp more than once.)

  • Second and third nights at jungle camp

DAY 5 

  • After breakfast you have the option for a fourth day of trekking, swimming, or relaxing, as you like​

  • Return in the early to late afternoon, by walking or rafting, to your accommodation in Bukit Lawang​

  • Second night in Bukit Lawang.


  • Checkout.



per person - double occupancy - with private car one-way:

225 EURO return from trek walking/ 235 EURO return from trek by rafting


single occupancy - with shared-car one-way:

360 EURO / 380 EURO with rafting


included:   Transport from KNO Airport or Medan City to Bukit Lawang; Local Guide; two nights' accommodation in Bukit Lawang in a private Standard room; luggage lock-up while you are on your Jungle Trek; lunch / dinner and snacks on DAY 2; all meals and snacks on DAYs 3 & 4; breakfast and lunch on DAY 5; all Jungle Trek camping and cooking gear; and, all Jungle Trek permits and fees. 


note:  additional guests, to a maximum group size of 6, can be added to this package for 165 EURO or LESS.  Please enquire.




per person - double occupancy - with return private car:             

285 EURO return from trek walking/ 295 EURO return from trek by rafting


included:  Everything in the Standard package PLUS two nights' accommodation in Bukit Lawang in a Deluxe room; breakfast on DAYs 2 & 6; Bat Cave Tour (time permitting); and, private return transport to Medan City or KNO from Bukit Lawang



3+ people (Bukit Lawang Guide Association price): 155 EURO return from trek walking / 165 EURO return from trek by rafting, per person

2 people:  175 EURO/ 185 EURO with rafting per person

1 person:  275 EURO/ 295 EURO with rafting


included:   Local Guide; two nights' budget accommodation in Bukit Lawang; luggage lock-up while you are on your Jungle Trek; lunch / dinner and snacks on the first day of the Trek; all meals on the second and third days of the Trek; breakfast and lunch on the fourth day of the Trek; all Jungle Trek camping and cooking gear; and, all Jungle Trek permits and fees.


For the budget option, if you arrange your own transport to Bukit Lawang we can meet you at your drop-off point on request.  Please be prepared to pay for a becak ride from the Bukit Lawang bus stop to the village drop-off.

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