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5-DAY (Package F)
& Longer Treks*



DAY 1 

  • Your Driver will meet you at Medan KNO Airport for transport to Bukit Lawang.​

  • One night in Bukit Lawang.

DAY 2 

  • After breakfast, you and your Guide will head to the jungle for a 5-Day Jungle Trek. 

  • You will trek for approx. 6-8 hours, including breaks and lunch, arriving at camp in the late afternoon.  

  • One night at jungle camp. 

DAYs 3, 4 &  5

  • After breakfast each morning you will continue on the second, third and fourth days of your Jungle Trek.

  • You will reach your camp in the late afternoon each day. (If you are returning by rafting you will trek to a different camp for  each night, if you are returning by walking you may use the same camp more than once.)

  • Second, third and fourth nights at jungle camp

DAY 6 

  • After breakfast you have the option for a fifth day of trekking, swimming, or relaxing, as you like​

  • Return in the early to late afternoon, by walking or rafting, to your accommodation in Bukit Lawang​

  • Second night in Bukit Lawang.


  • Checkout.

  • Private transport to Medan.




per person - double occupancy - with return private car:             

355 EURO return from trek by rafting


included:   Return private transport from  between KNO Airport or Medan City and Bukit Lawang; Local Guide; two nights' accommodation in Bukit Lawang in a Deluxe room; luggage lock-up while you are on your Jungle Trek; breakfast /lunch /dinner and snacks on DAY 2; all meals and snacks on DAYs 3, 4 & 5; breakfast and lunch on DAY 6; breakfast on DAY 7;all Jungle Trek camping and cooking gear; and, all Jungle Trek permits and fees; Bat Cave Tour (optional/ time permitting). 


note:  additional guests, to a maximum group size of 6, can be added to this package for 250 EURO or LESS.  Please enquire.


3+ people (Bukit Lawang Guide Association price): 200 EURO return from trek by rafting, per person

2 people:  280 EURO with rafting per person

1 person:  500 EURO with rafting


included:   Local Guide; two nights' budget accommodation in Bukit Lawang; luggage lock-up while you are on your Jungle Trek; lunch / dinner and snacks on the first day of the Trek; all meals on the second, third and fourth day of the Trek; breakfast and lunch on the fifth day of the Trek; all Jungle Trek camping and cooking gear; and, all Jungle Trek permits and fees.


For the budget option, if you arrange your own transport to Bukit Lawang we can meet you at your drop-off point on request.  Please be prepared to pay for a becak ride from the Bukit Lawang bus stop to the village drop-off.

 *For jungle TREKS longer than 5 Days, specialised itineraries and/or starting in more remote locations outside of Bukit Lawang, please contact us for information. Prices are variable depending on itinerary, destinations and group size. Costs do increase substantially per day for treks longer than 5 Days. As a good estimate, you can use the 5-Day trek itinerary as a basis, and budget approximately 120 - 140 EURO per person, per day for each additional day. Please enquire. 

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