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Robet has over 23 years' experience working in the jungles of GNLP, including the feeding platform, conducting observational behavioural research on orangutans,  as an assistant guide and now for the past 6 years as a fully certified guide.  Robet is excellent at managing 'Mina' the infamous rehabilitated orangutan living in GLNP who can be very aggressive towards people.  As our Managing Guide, you will most likely meet Robet when you arrive.  Robet oversees all operations, assists our Guests with anything they need, and coordinates our Guides and trekking teams.  Robet also specializes in one to three-day treks as well as tours. And for those overnight treks, he will amaze you with his magic card tricks.

Meet Our Managing Guides

All of our guides are born and raised in the Bukit Lawang area and have been working in the Gunung Leuser National Park since they were youngsters. They have all spent years working as porters and assistant guides before becoming certified guides of the Bukit Lawang Guide Association.  Our Guides follow a strict code of conduct, including no feeding of the wildlife, absolutely no litter left behind, and no yelling at or excessive noise near wildlife. 

See More info re our Code of Conduct and Policies here:  


Our Guides also work with a network of excellent porters and assistants and will ensure the right team is put together for your trek, depending on the length of the trek and group size.  


We only work with local experienced Guides who have put in years working their way up from porters and assistants to the Guide position.  We do not believe it is possible to be an authentic, knowledgeable, reliable Guide without putting in the years required to gain the important necessary experience.   


All of our Guides are experienced and capable on all durations and types of Jungle Treks but their preferences and areas of expertise have been noted where applicable.


And, all of our guides have excellent 'jungle English', meaning that although they are not formally educated, and no one speaks perfect English, they all have English skills more than sufficient to meet your needs during a trek.  

We are proud of our Guides and know you will be in good hands with each and every one of them.  They look forward to meet you.  You can meet some of them here:

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