SUMA Guesthouse & Dorm

Welcome to SUMA Guesthouse & Dorm, home of TrekSumatra.  Our rooms are riverside and located in beautiful upper Bukit Lawang. For reservation info contact us at


DORM:  Our dorm room is not your typical dorm.  Beds are full size, you have lots of space and lockable in-room storage. Maximum occupancy 6 people with 2 showers and 2 toilets. Plus you have a great jungle view and riverside sitting area at your front door.  

The Dorm is also ideal as a family room! 


The price is 4 Euro / $6 CAD/ 60,000 IDR per night for a bed in our 6-person Dorm room.  Includes fitted bed sheet, pillow and towel, mosquito net, storage cabinet (bring a lock), WIFI

DORM RESERVATION:  a payment of 4 Euro per per bed is required to cover your first night.  

4 EURO:  

DOUBLE ROOM:  Our Private Double Room is spacious with oversized double bed, large private bathroom and front patio overlooking the river with jungle views. 

The price is 20 Euro/ $30 CAD/ 300,000 IDR per night in our private double room (1 or 2 people).  Includes, shower, sink, western toilet, fan, mosquito net, bed linens and towels, WIFI.

​DOUBLE ROOM RESERVATION:  a payment of 15 Euro is required.  Let us know how many nights you are booking by putting a comment in the PayPal comments section or send us a separate email.   We will confirm as soon as possible.  If we do not have a bed available, we will refund your payment in full.  

15 EURO:


We will refund your deposit in full for cancellations of at least 7 full days. For cancellations less than 7 Days, we cannot refund the deposit.


Suma Swimming area
Private Double
Private Double
Private Double

Tel/Sms/WhatsApp: (+62) 813-6132-9418 / 0813-6132-9418

Tel: (+62) 812-6099-8236 / 0812-6099-8236 

Jl. Orang Hutan, Bukit Lawang,
Kec. Bohorok, Kab. Langkat
Sumatera Utara, Indonesia 20774

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