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Trekking, Transport & Accommodations



We have indicated pricing for Standard, Deluxe and Budget options for each of our trekking packages. We have also indicated the pricing for single-occupancy options where applicable. In addition, we have listed the prices for  booking 'Trekking Only' for each of our trekking packages.


The trekking prices for Bukit Lawang are set by the Bukit Lawang Guide Association and are based on a minimum group size of 3 people.  The price includes all fees, permits, Guide, porters, cook, food during the trek**, camp gear and cooking gear. The current 2023 prices are as follows:  


3-hour trek:  35 EURO 

1-day trek:    45 EURO

2-day trek:    80 EURO 

3-day trek:    110 EURO

4-day trek:    155 EURO 

5-day trek:    190 EURO 


(Looking for extra-cheap prices?  See our info on why you should be wary of cheap prices, and why we do not offer discounts )

** no meal included on 3-hour treks. Lunch included on 1-Day treks. All other treks include all meals starting and ending with lunch on the first and last days of the trek.


Return by tube rafting:  add 10 EURO per person to the prices listed above. Rafting back requires a minimum of 2 people, i.e. 20 Euro minimum.  If you are a solo traveller, our pricing assumes return by walking only, for rafting you would pay an extra 20 Euro.​


FOR GROUPS of 1 or 2:  you will not have to pay the total cost of 3 people based on the prices above.  You will pay a premium for a group size smaller than three, but our website pricing in the Budget Option sections has been adjusted to account for costs that are shared.


  • JOINS: If you want to pay the cost based on a minimum of 3 people, we can try to arrange to have you join another group. However, this is dependant on whether others have booked for the same length of trek on the same start date.  We cannot guarantee availability to join a group. If there is availability, we will gladly add you to the group, but if a member of the group cancels, your reservation may also be affected by way of cost increase or cancellation.  Also, we cannot pre-determine group compatibility.  If this is important to you, please do not opt for a join. Joins are most feasible with 2-Day treks during high season (April - September).  It is very difficult to find joins for longer treks. If you wish to be joined to a 2-Day Trek, please let us know your dates and we will let you know if a join is available.   You also have the option to book your trek and open it for joining, just let us know when booking.


  • 2-DAY TREK SPECIAL OFFER: We also offer, for the 2-Day Jungle Trek only, booked to start on the 4th or 18th of ANY month, you are GUARANTEED your 2-Day trek will go ahead even if the 3-person minimum is not obtained.  If you can make these dates work for you, this is a huge savings! On these dates, With 2 or more people the cost will be 90 Euro with return by rafting.  If there is one person only, the cost will be 80 Euro with return by walking (or you can pay an extra 20 Euro for return by rafting). Space is limited - Maximum 6 people with free budget accommodation for 2 nights included.





If you are flexible with time and can handle some discomfort, most areas of North Sumatra can be reached by public bus.    If you prefer a little extra convenience and comfort at a budget price, you can hire a shared-car or tourist bus between some locations.


For airport pick-up a shared-car can be reserved beforehand.  If you require a shared car from Medan airport or Medan City to Bukit Lawang, the cost is 15 Euro per person, minimum 2 people.

If you are booking a package with Private car, you can opt for shared-car instead to save some money, just let us know.

Please see our Transport page for pricing details.

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