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Indonesian COOKING CLASS (Package K)
& Local FOOD TOUR (Package L)


30 EURO per person



  • If you are interested to learn how to make some basic Indonesian cuisine, try taking a cooking class!  You can suggest what you would like to learn, or your hosts will be happy to make some suggestions.

  • Your cooking class can take place at a local restaurant, a local home or riverside on open fire, depending on the experience you are looking for.

  •  Your class includes a shopping trip with your Guide to purchase the fresh food that you will be cooking (Friday and Sunday classes only). If you book your class for a Friday you will be able to do your shopping at the bustling Friday Market in Bukit Lawang.  On a Sunday, you will shop at the weekly market at the village of Bohorok. If your class is booked for another day of the week, suppplies will be bought for your class beforehand.

  • You will then head to your cooking class location and the magic will begin.  

  • Spend a couple of hours prepping, learning and cooking and finish off by enjoying the cuisine you have created.  

  • This is  a great opportunity  to spend some time really getting to know some locals who will be happy to show you their expertise.  You may learn some Indonesian language as well.  

  • A great way to spend a free day or evening.

**ASK about Group Discounts


40 EURO per person single occupancy/ 30 EURO per person double occupancy



  • If you are interested in trying real Indonesian food, at the places where the locals like to eat, this tour is for you!

  • Spend 4 - 6 hours travelling between Bukit Lawang and Bohorok stopping at various local hotspots to try the specialties in truly authentic Indonesian restaurants ('warungs') and food stalls ('kaki lima').  You may prefer to have two regular meals with two to four snacks in between, or you may prefer to try little tastes of a larger variety of foods. It's up to you!  From Deep fried filled tofu ('tahu isi'), to fiery sambals, to the staple Fried Rice ('nasi goreng') and fresh young coconut water ('es kelapa muda'), the options are endless.

  • Your tour includes stops and foods/ beverages at 4 - 6 locations.

  • While travelling around in search of tasty treats, you will also have the opportunity to visit an organic garden and other points of interest.  If you book your tour for a Friday or Sunday you will also have the chance to visit a bustling local market.

  •  Your tour is fully guided using local becak transport (mortobike with attached side car seating two people)

  • This is  a great opportunity  to really eat like the locals and get a taste of authentic North Sumatra.

  • A great way to spend a free day or evening.

**ASK about group  discounts.



ALL  Classes & Tours are booked as PRIVATE only (we do not organize joins for these options)


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