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Batu Katak - Gibbons, Caves & Flowers
1+ Days (Packages I & J)

​We know that Bukit Lawang and orangutans get the most attentions from visitors looking for a jungle experience, however there are also other gems in the area that we think are just as deserving of attention, and can offer a very rewarding experience.  One of our favourites is the village of Batu Katak (literally Frog Rock ). Nestled along Gunung Leuser National Park, this little village is working hard to protect it's surrounding jungles and invite tourists to spend some time.  The locals are focused on working towards a sustainable village that survives on eco-tourism rather than plantations and other options that result in jungle destruction,  while keeping the village authentic for a real Indonesian village experience.  Working together the villagers have been teaching themselves English, and look forward to having you visit, you can help them practice English and you can learn some Indonesian as well!


If you are looking for an area that is less-touristed, and you are happy with basic accommodations and enjoy meeting friendly villagers, a place where you can busy yourself with various activities or just sit, relax and enjoy the view, Batu Katak might be of interest to you.  From jungle treks to lazy days by the river, your itinerary is up to you.  And Batu Katak is good for all ages and fitness levels.  For those who like lots of activities, you will enjoy what Batu Katak has to offer.  For those who prefer a more relaxing visit, you  will definitely enjoy your beautiful view easy walks through the village and along the river.



Although orangutans can be spotted here as well, the real stars of Batu Katak are the Gibbons. Gibbons never seem to get as much attention as orangutans, however they are also critically endangered (North Sumatra is home to the Siamang - Black Gibbons and Lars Gibbons - White-Faced Gibbons).  They are the singing acrobats of the jungle.  Both the Black and White Gibbons have unique singing calls, like songs that travel through the jungle.  Waking up to the songs of gibbons is truly a magical experience.  And watching them trapeze through the canopy at amazing speeds with graceful agility is mesmerizing.


Batu Katak is an especially good area for viewing the often elusive Siamang - Black Gibbons.  If you are looking for a relaxing visit, you can watch for them from your riverside guestroom.  You can enjoy the jungle view and listen for and watch for the Gibbons.  Or if you prefer more activity, you can take a trek to the Gibbon area for a chance at a more up-close look.



If you like caves, Batu Katak is also a place for you.  You can book a trek up to the Water Cave (not suitable for people with claustrophobia) and marvel at the formations inside this limstone mountainside cave.



Batu Katak is also home to a few different Rafflesia and Amorphophallus Titanum (corpse flower - found only in Sumatra) plants.  For rare plant lovers, you will know these flowers are extremely rare and your chances of seeing one in bloom even more rare.  However, if you time your trip right, you may just get an opportunity to see one in bloom. If there is a rare flower in bloom during your stay, we will let you know and you will have the option to trek to see it.


45 EURO per person double occupancy/ 50 EURO per person single occupancy



-return private transport

(If 1 person, transport will be by motorbike, 2 or more people will be by car) 


-Walking tour of the village and surrounding area




130 EURO per person single occupancy for 2 Days/ 1 Night

for extra nights add 60 Euro per night


100 EURO per person double occupancy for 2 Days/ 1 Night

for extra nights add 40 Euro per person per night


-return private transport

(If 1 person, transport will be by motorbike, 2 or more people will be by car) 


-Walking tour of the village and surrounding area

-All meals starting with lunch on Day 1 through lunch on the last day

-Basic private Accommodation





Gibbon Trek: Add a trek to prime Gibbon territory.  You will likely hear them singing, but focussing specifically on Gibbon sightings, this trek will help you try and get a more up-close view.   This trek is best in the morning, to locate singing Gibbons after their morning feedings.  Allow 2 - 4 hours.

15 - 35 Euro per person  (depending on group size)

1-Day Jungle Trek:  Add a Full Day Jungle trek in prime Gibbon territory.  Look for Siamang and Lars Gibbons as well as other wildlife and even rare flowers if in bloom, with return from trek by rafting.

35 - 90 Euro per person  (depending on group size)


Water Cave: Add a trek to Batu Katak's impressively large the Water Cave (not suitable for people with Claustrophobia).   Allow a Full Day for this trek After your visit, return to Batu Katak by river rafting.  Bring a headlamp or flashlight.

30 - 75 Euro per person (depending on group size)


Flower Trek:  If a rare rafflesia or amorphophallus titanum flower is in bloom, we will let you know. Most flowers in the area require a short, sometimes long, trek to reach them.  If you wish to see one we will take you. Depending on location of the flower, you may return by rafting or walking.  After seeing the flower, we will continue to trek to the river so that you can return by river rafting.  This trek will only be booked after arrival as flowers cannot be guaranteed, and when in bloom, are only in bloom for a short time.

15 - 35 Euro per person (depending on group size)


Things to NOTE:

- Included meals include water/tea/coffee/soft drinks.  Alcoholic beverages are not included

- Return transport is based on starting and ending in Bukit Lawang.  If you will be using other destinations, please enquire re pricing

- The pricing noted above includes a Guide throughout.  On longer stays you may not require a Guide for all days, so daily pricing will be reduced.  Please enquire

-A decent level of physical fitness is required for any of the treks as the terrain is quite hilly and paths are not always defined.

- Bring a headlamp for flashlight for the Water Cave Tour and also for general power outages.


** We ask all visitors to please be mindful of local custom.  In Batu Katak please dress conservatively, shorts and T-shirts are fine. For swimming please swim clothed.  Swimsuits and revealing clothing are not appropriate.  The villagers are very happy to accept visitors and are very friendly, we just ask that guests show respect for their custom.


ALL  Tours are booked as PRIVATE tours only (we do not organize joins for these tours)

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