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Wild Nature. Friendly People. North Sumatra

White Faced Gibbon
Welcome to TrekSumatra

Jungle Treks and Guided Tours

For animal, nature and adventure lovers! Join us in visiting the amazing jungles of North Sumatra with our local Guides.  We are proud of our Guides and their dedication to following a strict code of conduct in respect of the flora and fauna.


We are advocates for the protection of these jungles and all of the plants and animals that make this area their home. We want to share the experience of these jungles in an ethical and environmentally-conscious manner.  We hope you share our passion and will join us for an amazing experience! 

TrekSumatra is operated and managed by Bukit Lawang natives with technical and administrative support from Canadian partners.  Our treks and tours source only local N. Sumatran service providers and suppliers. All proceeds support the local communities.

We do NOT book or promote captive elephant activities or any captive animal activities.

Vegetarians and Vegans welcome!

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Jungle Treks

Full packages & Budget Options

For those who want the chance to see orangutans in the wild, but are short on time or on a tight budget,  a Short Jungle Trek can meet your needs.  

For those with the time, ability and sense of adventure who want to leave civilisation behind, see wildlife in undisturbed jungles, and camp along the jungle rivers at night, a Long Jungle Trek is recommended.

All of our Jungle Treks take place in Gunung Leuser National Park, one of the last true Edens on earth, straddling North Sumatra and Aceh Provinces.  This jungle is a gift to the world and it is under severe threat.  We want to ensure it's value as an intact rainforest.  We welcome you to join us and share your support for this irreplaceable ecosystem.  Every person who visits in a responsible manner helps to add value to keeping this rainforest intact.

Thomas Leaf Monkey

Trek only - 35 Euro and up. Packages start at 90 Euro

3-HOUR (Package A)

Perfect for minimal time or budget.   Also ideal for families with very small children.

Baby Sumatran Orangutan

Trek only - 45 Euro and up. Packages start at 95 Euro


(Package B)

Perfect for minimal time or budget.   Also ideal for families with young children.

Sumatran Tree Lizard

Trek only - 80 Euro and up. Packages start at 150 Euro


(Package C)

Perfect for those who want to experience a night in the jungle.   Budget Travelers: see our special offer for this trek.

Trek only - 110 Euro and up. Packages start at 185 Euro


(Package D)

Our most popular option. Perfect for those who really want to get away from the home base for a full experience with 2 nights in the Jungle.


Trek only - 155 Euro and up. Packages start at 225 Euro


(Package E)

Our second most popular option. Perfect for those with good fitness and stamina who want to reach remote jungle, sometimes reaching terrain favoured by the most rare animals.

Pig-Tailed Macaque

Trek only - 190 Euro and up. Packages start at 265 Euro


(Package E) & Longer Treks

5-Day and longer treks are well-suited for focussing on specialized tracking goals as you will venture into the most remote terrain. Blind stakeouts are also possible for those wishing to observe areas over longer time periods in order to increase chances of sightings for very rare animals.  Excellent fitness and stamina required.

Guided Tours & Activities

Explore the Highlights of North Sumatra

For those who want to see more of what North Sumatra has to offer, a Guided Tour will take the hassle out of your travels.  Our Tours are easily amendable depending on your time and budget.  Book our package tours as is or use them as a template to build the tour that is exactly right for you.  All of our tours are booked as private tours, organised to meet your particular requirements, budget and preferences.

If you are spending extra time in Bukit Lawang before or after your trek (which we strongly recommend!) and would like to add some more activities, you can try our local tours or a cooking class as a great way to spend an afternoon or evening. And of course if you are interested to join in, observe or visit any local sporting events, cultural ceremonies or holiday celebrations that may be taking place, you will be more than welcome!

Lake Toba


Orangutans, Volcanoes & Lakes (7 Days)

 Bukit Lawang - Berastagi - Lake Toba

(Package G)

Deluxe Option from 495 Euro per person, double occupancy

Perfect hassle-free way to experience highlights of North Sumatra.  All Tours are private and itinerary is easily amended to meet guests' requirements, preferences and budget.   

Batu Katak


(5 Days)

​Bukit Lawang - Batu Katak  

(Package H)

Standard Option from 310 Euro per person, double occupancy

Experience jungle highlights of North Sumatra and the villages and people that make these jungles their home.  All Tours are private and itinerary is easily amended to meet guests' requirements, preferences and budget.   

Amorphophallus Titanum - corpse Flower


(1+ Days)

​Batu Katak  

(Packages I & J)

Day Trips start from 45 Euro. Overnight Packages start at 100 Euro

If you are looking for some extra locations and activities during your visit to North Sumatra, we receommend a visit to Batu Katak.  Spend a day or a week, relax and enjoy the view, or add on activities.  Plan the visit that works for your itinerary and budget

Es Campur

Indonesian COOKING CLASS (Package K) & Local FOOD TOUR (Package L)

From 30 Euro. Discounts for groups

Looking for some extra activities?  If you love to cook and/or eat, then why not try a Cooking Class or Food tour?  Allow a half-day for either option

Rice Fields

BECAK TOUR (Package M)

& Bukit Lawang BAT CAVE TOUR (Package N)

From 15 Euro. Discounts for groups

Interested in doing some extra exploring with a Guide?  Sit back and relax in your becak and enjoy the scenery surrounding Bukit Lawang or take a walking tour to the Bat Cave to see all the creatures living inside this dark cave

Rice Fields


North Sumatra - Extended  (14 Days)

 B. Lawang - Batu Katak - Berastagi - L. Toba

(Package P)

For those who want to experience and enjoy all North Sumatra has to offer, this tour provides a convenient hassle-free way to see the highlights without rushing.  All Tours are private and itinerary is easily amended to meet guests' requirements, preferences and budget.   

Deluxe Option from 925 Euro per person, double occupancy

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