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DepositsThe sooner we receive a booking deposit the better, especially during high seasons when space can be limited. Deposit payments can be made most easily via PayPal (links below) but also Western Union or Moneygram.  Please confirm with us first, we will quote you the total amount to be transferred in IDR


Deposit rates:


  • For bookings that include private-car pickup and/or deluxe accommodation, a minimum deposit of 55 Euro is required.  Otherwise, a minimum deposit of 15 Euro is required

  • For bookings over 250 Euro in total, we will request a deposit ranging from 10 - 40%

  • All Bookings must be confirmed and deposits paid at least 48 hours prior to arrival.  We cannot accommodate short-notice bookings online.

  • We will confirm the Deposit amount required for your booking when you are ready to book. DO NOT pay more than the requested deposit amount.  Overpayments will be returned to you via PayPal.  






125 EURO

225 EURO

400 EURO

If you do not have a PayPal account you may sign up for one when you are ready to pay or pay via credit card via the PayPal links (no PayPal account required).  If you require a receipt we can send you a PayPal Invoice (which also does not require a PayPal account).


Payment of Balance:


Cash/ MoneyGram/ Western Union / Bank Transfer/ Credit Card/ PayPal 


It is preferable to pay your balance in cash on arrival, any currency is acceptable.  When paying cash in foreign currency, please use newer, non-damaged bills. Old issue, marked or torn bills may not be acceptable.Even tiny tears or marks on a bill can make it unacceptable (sorry, this is Indonesian thinking!) We also have money-changer services. 

You may also pay your balance by Moneygram, Western Union or Bank Transfer.  Please confirm with us first and we will quote the total to be transferred in IDR as well as transfer information.  If paying by Bank Transfer, you must submit the transaction at least 3 weeks prior to arrival to allow for delays, which are common.

If you prefer to pay by Credit Card, you may do so on arrival via moneychanger, and extra fees of 7-10% will be charged.  Please also note that credit card transactions are occasionally problematic with some credit cards,  if this is the case with your card, payment by another method will be required.

If you pay your balance via PayPal we will charge an extra 5 Euro plus 5% of the balance to cover the PayPal fees


We recommend bringing Cash and using ATMs.  ATMs are reliable and allow maximum withdrawals of 2.0 - 3.0 million IDR per transaction.  You can use ATMs on the way to Bukit Lawang or while on tour.  

Overpayment of Requested Deposit:  Overpayments made by PayPal will be returned to you via PayPal.  We do not accept overpayments via PayPal.  Overpayments made by other means are not subject to our Refund Policy and will be reimbursed in full, minus any transaction/ transfer fees. 


Refunds & Cancellations: If you cancel at least 21 clear days before your arrival date, we will refund your deposit (or full payment if you paid in full), minus any service/transaction fees incurred (approx 10%) or fees required to process the refund. We cannot guarantee a refund with less than 21 clear days' notice.    


At 14-21 days' notice, fees may be incurred to cover room booking cancellations. At 7- 14 days' notice, fees will be incurred to cover room booking cancellations/ car reservations / Guide compensation.  If there is deposit remaining after expenses have been paid, it will be refunded to you, less transaction fees.  Please note that the PayPal fees and any other transaction fees that may have been incurred, are non-refundable and will also be deducted from your refund. 

Itinerary Changes:

If you need to change your arrival date, we will do our best to accommodate but extra charges may be incurred.  It is the guest's responsibility to advise us of changes to arrival date as soon as possible and to be prepared to cover any extra charges incurred as a result.  We are not responsible for extra charges incurred due to itinerary changes made less than 21 Days prior to arrival.  We are also not responsible for extra charges incurred as a result of other travel delays experienced by the guest.  If your arrival date changes, your itinerary may no longer be possible.  We will do our best to accommodate but extra charges may be incurred.

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