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Sumatera Utara Tour
14 Days (Package P)



DAY 1 

  • Your Guide will meet  you at  Medan KNO Airport or City with private car for transport to Bukit Lawang (approx. 5 hours).​

  • One night in Bukit Lawang

DAY 2 

  • After breakfast, your Guide will meet you and you will depart for a Bukit Lawang Becak Tour, visiting points of interest in and around Bukit Lawang

  • Lunch. Return to Bukit Lawang village and spend the afternoon exploring on foot, including visit to the Bukit Lawang Bat Cave 

  • free time in the evening. Preparations with guide for 3-Day Jungle Trek. Second night in Bukit Lawang.

DAY 3 

  • After breakfast, you and your Guide will head to the jungle for a 3-Day Jungle Trek. 

  • You will trek for approx. 6-8 hours, including breaks and lunch, arriving at camp in the late afternoon.  

  • One night at jungle camp. 

DAY 4 

  • After breakfast you will continue on the second day of your Jungle Trek.

  • You will reach your camp in the late afternoon. (If you are returning by rafting you will trek to a different camp for the second night, if you are returning by walking you may use the same camp for both nights.)

  • Second night at jungle camp

DAY 5 

  • After breakfast you have the option for a third day of trekking, swimming, or relaxing, as you like​

  • Return in the early to late afternoon, by walking or rafting, to your accommodation in Bukit Lawang​

  • Third night in Bukit Lawang.


  • If Day 6 lands on Friday or Sunday, you will visit the local market to buy supplies for your cooking class.  For all other days, arrangements will be made beforehand  and you will have the morning as free-time or to explore around the village.  

  • Late afternoon you will visit a local home where your host will teach you how to make some authentic Indonesian dishes (with the products bought at the market if applicable)

  • Spend the evening in Indonesian style - visiting and eating 

  • Fourth night in Bukit Lawang 


  • After breakfast, you will check out from your accommodation and be ready for departure to Batu Katak.  Walk to car pick-up area with your Guide

  • Arrive in Batu Katak.  Meet with the local villagers.   Check into accommodation and enjoy your lunch.  

  • Time in the afternoon for exploring, swimming, relaxing or visiting with friendly villagers.

  • Dinner.  One night at Batu Katak.     

DAY 8 

  • Early morning rise for breakfast.  After breakfast you will head out early for Gibbon trek to prime Gibbon viewing areas (early rise optional, but usually increases chances for sightings) Guides will advise

  • Return to village for lunch

  • Afternoon free time

  • Dinner.  Second night at Batu Katak 


  • After breakfast you will head out for your full day Water Cave Trek taking you through the jungles surrounding Batu Katak, with chances for wildlife sightings such as Siamang, Lars Gibbons, Orangutans, and possibly a rare flower if one happens to be in bloom during your visit.

  • Lunch

  • Return to Batu Katak by rafting

  • Dinner. Third night at Batu Katak

DAY 10 

  • After breakfast, you and your Guide will head to the town of Berastagi, with sightseeing stops along the way (approx. 6 hours) 

  • On arrival in Berastagi you will check-in to your accommodation and spend the late afternoon and evening sightseeing and visiting the nightly street food stalls  

  • One night in Berastagi

DAY 11

  • After breakfast you will set out to Mt. Sibayak to climb this actively steaming volcano and enjoy the views from the crater.   

  • Descend Mt. Sibayak and continue on to visit the geothermally heated hot-spring pools where you can enjoy pools of various temperatures and soothe your muscles while you enjoy lunch and take in the view of looming Mt. Sibayak.   

  • Make a stop at the stunning Buddhist Temple located in the heart of Berastagi's farming community 

  • Enjoy sightseeing and exploring the town of Berastagi, including the vibrant markets and the best viewpoints for the surrounding volcanoes 

  • Second night in Beratagi

DAY 12 

  • After breakfast you will continue on to Lake Toba with sightseeing stops along the way, including Sipiso Piso Waterfall 

  • Ferry across Lake Toba to Samosir.  One night in Lake Toba

DAY 13 

  • Spend the day exploring all of the sightseeing attractions at beautiful Lake Toba with your Guide, including authentic Karo and Batak homesteads and historical points of interest as well as the best viewpoints for scenic Lake Toba 

  • Second Night at Lake Toba

DAY 14 

  • Depart from Lake Toba and return to Medan airport or City.  (earliest arrival time at Medan airport with departure from Lake Toba is mid-afternoon.)


* Please note:  this is a suggested itinerary.  Please contact us to arrange a tailor-made tour itinerary.



925 EURO per person-double occupancy


1550 EURO single occupancy


included:   This is a fully-guided 14 -Day tour.  


You will have the opportunity to visit the village of Bukit Lawang and experience the jungles of Gunung Leuser National Park on your 3-Day Jungle Trek.   You will have extra time to experience the sights and friendly people of Bukit Lawang, and have the chance to learn (or watch) how to make some Indonesian foods by locals who will be very honoured to have you visit their home.


Next you will head to Batu Katak, enjoy this gem of a village hidden from the hustle and bustle of North Sumatra's busy roads and nestled along the jungles of Gunung Leuser with a gentle river perfect for cooling off.  the villagers of Batu Katak are proud to invite visitors to their home, but we do ask guests to be respectful of their custom and to dress modestly and swim clothed (wearing revealing clothes is not polite in the village area - t-shirts and shorts are fine)


Next you will head to Berastagi, enjoy the scenic lush countryside surrounded by North Sumatra's looming volcanoes, including the currently active Mt. Sibayak and still dangerously active Mt. Sinabung; you have the included option to climb Mt. Sibayak; you will relax in hot-spring pools, visit the Buddhist Temple and explore the vibrant markets on your City tour.  In the evening you can try the streetfood and take in the night food stalls for a taste of Berastagi specialties.  You will also visit viewpoints for good photo ops of the surrounding volcanoes.


Finally, you will visit Lake Toba, and surrounding area, including Sipiso Piso waterfalls; you will stay on Samosir Island on Lake Toba where you will be able to experience the Batak/ Karo culture, this area is a cultural gem in North Sumatra; enjoy touring the points of interest and taking in the sweeping views of the natural wonder of Lake Toba, the largest crater lake in the world!


This tour includes: Private Guide throughout; Private transport and driver throughout; Four nights' Deluxe accommodation in Bukit Lawang, Two nights' Deluxe accommodation in each of Berastagi, and Lake Toba;  Three nights' Basic accommodation in Batu Katak; Two nights' Camping accommodation at jungle camps; all Jungle Trek permits and fees; return from 3-Day Jungle Trek and Water Cave Treks by rafting; Breakfast on DAYS 2-14; Lunch on DAYS 2 -5 & 7-9 &11;  Dinners on DAYS 3, 4, & 6 - 9; hike up Mt. Sibayak; all applicable entrance fees and permits; 


note:  additional guests, to a maximum group size of 4, can be added to this package for 450 EURO or LESS.  Please enquire.




Mt. Sibyak Sunrise:  If you would like an early start to ascend Mt. Sibayak to watch the sunrise from the top, there is an extra charge of 10 Euro per person (wake-up time approx.  2:30 AM)


Lunches:  Include all lunches throughout for DAYS 6, 10 & 12 - 14, for an extra charge of 30 Euro per person


Dinners:  Include all dinners throughout for DAYS  2, 5 & 10 - 13, for an extra charge of 45 Euro per person


Included meals include water, one juice or soft drink and tea or coffee.  Alcoholic beverages are not included.


For meals not included, you will have many options for buying your own meals.  Meal inclusion is not a requirement, a convenience only.  We recommend including breakfasts only and having flexibility to buy your own meals as you wish.


NOTE:  this tour is a suggested itinerary and can be amended per request.  

Please enquire for pricing including Budget or Standard rooms.

ALL North Sumatra Tours are booked as PRIVATE tours only (we do not organise joins for this tour)


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