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Please be aware public buses run between Medan/ BinJai Bukit Lawang during the daytime only and you need to allow at least 2 hours to transfer to the public bus from the airport bus.  If you arrive mid afternoon or later, you may not have time to take the public bus to Bukit Lawang.  You must plan to be at the public bus transfer by 5:30 pm to not miss the last bus.


When you exit the Medan airport, you will see the shuttle buses parked off to the right. The airport shuttle will be 20,000 (Medan) - 60,000 (Binjai) as of late 2016, and the prices are posted at the bus.   You can take the bus going to Medan Kota (City) or BinJai (we recommend BinJai, it is closer to Bukit Lawang, shortening the second part of the trip in public bus, and the bus touts are not as pushy as they can be at Medan)  Either way, once you get to the last stop on the airport shuttle, ask the people at the stop where to transfer for the public bus to Bukit Lawang (from Medan you will need to transfer to Pinang Baris Station, at BinJai you will transfer to the BinJai bus stop).  (The transfer may involve a quick Becak or Angkot ride to connect, be prepared to pay an extra 5 - 10,000 IDR or so for that).  The public bus should be 15 -  25,000, but there is no set pricing and you may get asked for much more, especially from Medan City.  Stand firm and let them know you know the price and don't go too much over the actual price. 


As a foreigner you will also likely be asked to pay before you depart, and possibly to a tout rather than the driver (whereas local people will pay the driver directly when exiting the bus)  If you are hassled for too much money, walk down the road along the bus route and hail it farther down where you will pay the driver directly when exiting. Make sure the bus you get on has a sign in the window that says 'B.Lawang'.  Also, keep your bags inside with you.  If they put your bags on top of the bus, they are subject to rainfall at any time and also people may also ride on the roof. 


It is ok to pay a little extra to bring your bag in the bus with you as this may take up extra seat space. 


When on the bus to Bukit Lawang, just stay on until the very last stop and we will meet you there if you have already made arrangements with us.  


The Bukit Lawang bus stop is 1.5 - 2 km from the main village drop-off areas, please be prepared to pay 5 - 15,000 IDR for a becak from the bus station to the village.

Private Car, Shared Car, Tourist Bus & Public Bus


Car service routes and prices, for one-way:


  • Bukit Lawang – Medan airport:   55 Euro

  • Berastagi – Medan airport:  50 Euro

  • Lake Toba – Medan airport:  65 Euro

  • Bukit Lawang – Berastagi:   65 Euro

  • Bukit Lawang – Lake Toba: 75 Euro


Please note, these rates are for private cars, with a maximum of 4 passengers.  We will pick you up at your location at your requested time.  Pick-up is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.  For larger groups, please enquire about pricing.



For transport to/from the airport or for travel to Medan outside of the regular tourist bus departure time, you can book a SHARED CAR for 15 Euro per person (min. 2 people).  If no one else joins your car and you are solo, you will pay 30 Euro. Shared cars take up to 7 passengers. You must be flexible with your departure time by up to one hour and expect a few stops along the way.  


Please note that shared-car will not wait more than two hours after your expected arrival time, in case of flight delay.  If another car needs to be sent to pick you up, there will be an additional 15 Euro charge for the car 


(Bukit Lawang- Medan)


For transport FROM Bukit Lawang only,  there is a TOURIST BUS that leaves once a day at 8:30 am.  The prices as of June 2016 are as follows:


  • Bukit Lawang – Medan City*:  120,000 IDR

  • Bukit Lawang – Berastagi:  170,000 IDR

  • Bukit Lawang – Lake Toba:  230,000 IDR


Prices are for one-way.


*Please note, there currently is NO SERVICE from Bukit Lawang to Kuala Namu via tourist bus (see shared-car info).  The tourist bus can drop you at the bus station or train station where you can connect to airport service.



It is possible to take the Public Bus from Kuala Namu and Medan City to Bukit Lawang.  Buses run from approximately 6:00 AM to 5:30 PM.  Please see the detailed instructions from our FAQ page copied below. There is also a TRAIN that runs between Kuala Namu to Medan Centre (150,000 IDR one-way)


From Kuala Namu:  At Kuala Namu, you will find the buses to the right when you exit.  Take the Bus going to BIN JAI (60,000 IDR).  At Bin Jai you will transfer by becak to the public bus station (5 - 10,000 IDR, extra if heavy baggage) for a Bus to Bukit Lawang (15-30,000 IDR).  


From Medan City:  Take a Becak or taxi to Pinang Baris Station.  From there, you can catch a bus direct to Bukit Lawang (20-40000 IDR)


When the buses stop at Bukit Lawang, you will be dropped at the Bus Station in Gotong Royong. It is about 1km to the main village. You can walk or take a becak (5000 IDR)  If you know where your accommodation is the becak driver will be able to drop you at the most convenient place, as many accommodation are spread out along a 2km stretch of the river and not accessible by becak.


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