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Current Opportunities

Long-Term Stay at L. Pancasila to help teach English (Please see our Elephant Tracking Package information for more info on this area)


  • This village is newly open to welcoming visitors.  They would be interested to have longer-term foreigners stay with them and help them learn English.   No formal training required.

  • you will also help with preparing English signage and promotional / instructional materials

  • You would stay with local families and would need to pay only for your food and personal items in exchange for helping the Guides, children and families learn some English.

  • You will also, by exposure, learn some Indonesian, as much as you like.

  • You will be living in a beautiful area favoured by elephants, gibbons, orangutans and all the jungle has to offer

  • Living conditions are very basic, these are villagers living authentic Indonesian village life, you will not have the comforts and amenities of home but you will have an amazing experience and will make friends for life.


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