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What To Bring & Rentals 

Packing Lists




  • 2 litres of water per person

  • day pack

  • camera & extra batteries for camera

  • mosquito repellant (especially needed if passing through rubber plantation on your way to the jungle)

  • hat and/or bandana/ sweatbands / face cloth - prepare to sweat!

  • clothing: wear long loose breathable clothes to protect against scratches and bites, however the climate is very hot and humid, so shorts and T-shirts are also acceptable on shorter treks

  • sturdy hiking shoes or athletic shoes

  • gloves (such as gardening gloves) to protect hands from thorny branches while trekking



  • sunscreen

  • sunglasses

  • binoculars

  • waterproof pouch (for camera/ batteries)





Everything listed for Short Treks PLUS-


  • small to medium backpack

  • toilet paper

  • toothbrush/ toothpaste

  • one set of long/lightweight clothes for sleeping

  • headlamp (or torch/ flashlight)

  • flipflops for camp

  • extra plastic bags for garbage and wet clothes

  • basic personal medical kit & prescriptions

  • aspirin or other relief for mild aches

  • sunscreen/ lip balm




  • towel (preferably lightweight/ quick-dry)

  • earplugs

  • swimwear (swimwear is ok at camps, but in the village it is polite to swim clothed)

  • raincover for backpack

  • lightweight packable raincoat

  • leech socks (wet season)

  • lightweight nylon or silk sleep sack (we provide sleeping bags, you may prefer to use your own liner)

  • extra sleeping mat (we provide a mat but if you require extra comfort you may bring your own or an extra mat. We remind guests that you will be camping and although we do our best to keep you protected and dry, you will be 'roughing' it.




Everything listed for Short AND 2-Day Treks, PLUS-

  • two sets of clothes for trekking

  • extra socks (ideally one pair for each day)

  • medium to large backpack

  • small toiletries kit

  • lightweight packable raincoat

  • rain cover for backpack



  • extra shoe laces/ shoe repair

  • tiger balm for muscle aches and / or bites

  • blister pads

  • extra pair of rubber trekking shoes as backup




The following items can be rented on arrival for 1 Euro / 15,000 IDR per item per 1 - 2 day Trek.  For Treks 3+ days, items are rented per day:

  • Backpack

  • waterproof bag  

  • rubber trekking shoes

  • leech socks        

  • rafting helmet     

  • rafting lifejacket        

  • towel 

  • flashlight

  • extra sleeping mat

Please be sure to also review the following info before confirming your booking:

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